The third in my series of illustrated coffee table books, 1 year in lockdown,1 year on this roller coaster called life, 1 year where you can go through every single emotion you have in 5 minutes. Sometimes you smile, sometimes you cry, many times you just hit the wall. I faithfully did my instagram posts every morning sharing my feelings and tribulations, trying to lift people's spirits. It helps to share. It helps to know you're not alone. Enjoy my moods! ( I blame being a Gemini!!) Suzi Quatro

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August 2022

  04.08 NL – Dicky Woodstock Festival  
            13.08 DE Mühlheim - Rhur Schloss Broich 

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In 2014 Suzi celebrated 50 years as a professional and her famous quote says it all.

Suzi has become a Doctor of Music !!

from Anglia Ruskin University

On these pages you can get exclusive access to one of the most prolific rock and roll stars of the last half century.​

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It’s got to be a very special release that has Suzi Quatro announced proudly:

“The Devil In Me"

Is the best album in my career to date!” After all, the American rock vocalist would hardly utter such superlatives lightly.

Suzi’s enthusiasm for her latest offering has many reasons, twelve of them to be precise. Because The Devil In Meconsists of exactly a dozen songs, each of them – from the opening track and title song to the final ‘Motor City Riders’ – a real highlight.

The reasons for Suzi’s remarkable creative explosion: on the one hand the lockdown, which kept her from her usual touring life in spring 2020, and on the other another collaboration with her son Richard Tuckey, which had already worked out extremely well on her predecessor album No Control.

Suzi: “Starting spring 2020, almost one hundred of my shows were cancelled and Richard would also have been on tour with his band had not all concerts been cancelled or postponed. So I said to him: ‘We should make the most of our free time, write new material and allow ourselves to be inspired by the things that are currently going on in the world.’ I already knew that Richard and I make a brilliant team, after all No Control had been a major success and a very special recording for us.

Although I would never have thought that we’d be able to surpass it. But everybody who’s heard The Devil In Me and all the people who had worked on the previous album have told us: ‘This album is even stronger!’”

The album presents Suzi’s full range of musical diversity plus a number of surprises. From rock tracks such as ‘The Devil In Me’, ‘Get Outta Jail’, ‘Motorcity Riders’ and ‘Hey Queenie’ to fairly unusual numbers such as the pub atmosphere-inspired ‘Loves Gone Bad’ with its intimate mood or ‘In The Dark’ which is accompanied by elegant piano and provocative saxophone sounds,

Suzi presents herself from a whole range of different aspects. “Richard wanted this album to have a through line, so that you could put any track on, and it just  fit… he also said he wanted this album to be as important and groundbreaking as my first one. So that is how we approached this project, and that is what we accomplished.”

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The "Queen of Rock N' Roll" SUZI QUATRO releases her new single and video for the song "Do Ya Dance" today! The song is taken from new studio album "The Devil In Me''.

You can watch the video here:

Suzi says about the song and the video: "My son Richard presented me with this track. It was an unusual one, a bit of a James Brown vibe, who I always loved. I worked on it till I found the exact right melody, which was not obvious, and the right words to sing that I could relate to. I always have to tell a story, and it all came together very nicely. The lyrics are a little naughty, which my age, I am certainly allowed to be. We made this video in my garage complete with dancing, confetti, and masks wearing muso's and dancers. I must say it was a little strange looking into all those Suzi's faces.. very surreal. The track and video can be summed up with one word...... FUN!"

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Suzi has been awarded this coveted Honorary Doctorate in recognition for her services to music spanning a fantastic 52 years in the business


Celebrating over  55 years in rock and roll