My thoughts on QSP... no conferring.. straight from the heart.... which actually is what this album is.. straight from the heart.. the heart of rock and roll!!!!

Boy oh boy we have played some gigs , done some distances, eaten some greasy food, worked for  free when the promoter didn't pay, gone on stage feeling sick as a dog,.. in other words , paid our dues.. but .. the up side is... we have been able to make music since our teens, and have all been blessed with long careers.. and to be our collective ages and have this happen.. is a bonus , big time.

The album was a joy to make.. not knowing 'where' we were going was the best part.  I myself really loved hearing us come together more and more on each track as we got used to each others ' ways. And , even though we are all a pretty damn good caliber of musician... the quality of this album took me by surprise. 

I love QSP.. and I know there is another album waiting to burst forth.  

Suzi Quatro


We all had SO much fun making the, album, I think, I can speak for, Suzi and Andy on that one.

I think, having the, utmost respect for Suzi and Andy as, musicians and people ( for me.) meant there were no barriers to break down….
Going into the, studio together was a, real ‘BUZZ’. It was like recording in the, ‘60’s & ‘70’s, we played as a, band, if a, mistake happened, we stopped and started again.

I think people will hear the, spontaneity we had between us, THAT, for me was absolutely incredible…..

Our debut as, QSP will be guesting on, Suzi’s Australian tour in 2017, I really can’t wait…….

After that. Mmmmmmmmm. Wait and see……… Don Powell 

​Quatro, Scott & Powell (QSP) is a supergroup founded in the very heart of glam rock, bringing together the combined forces of three legends of rock ‘n’ roll with Suzi Quatro on vocals and bass guitar, Andy Scott of The Sweet on vocals and guitar and Don Powell from Slade on drums. The album is now available as a Deluxe Edition, featuring additional tracks which were not included on the original release.
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Celebrating over  55 years in rock and roll