Celebrating over  55 years in rock and roll

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I have been touring in Australia regularly since 1974, and have actually lost count of how many times I have been here, but I think this tour will be number 29. It is my second home and I love it dearly. This year I celebrated my 50th year in the business and it just felt like the right time to take my final bow. It's a daunting prospect and one I am preparing seriously for. I want this to be a night to remember in every way….tears, laughter and lots of rock and roll. This has been my life. Nobody in the world rocks as hard as the Aussies….and from me that's what they're gonna get….foot on the gas and go. So looking forward to this tour, love Suzi xxxx"


Image Credits:Pat Doonan,Skip Chapman,Lynn Doherty,Dionne Moss,Louise Hartley,Denise Mcfarlane,Mathew Mifsud,Lynda Buchanan,Nat Allison and Chelle Carr Rock shots

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