You've seen Suzi Q, the feature documentary about legendary 70s rocker Suzi Quatro: now read Unzipped, the story of how Little Suzi from Detroit grew up to become an international superstar musician - as told by the glam rock sensation herself.

The glam rock icon behind such hits as 'Can the Can', 'Devil Gate Drive' and 'Your Mamma Won't Like Me' has sold over 50 million records worldwide and has worked, partied and rocked out with legendary figures such as Noddy Holder, Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop. Suzi Quatro's transformation from girl to glam rocker was fuelled by huge talent, determination, hard work and a fabulous sense of humour, but it wasn't easy.

In Unzipped, Quatro tells her story of life behind the scenes and in the thick of it as one of the first major break-out female rock bassists. Later, she went on to Hollywood to join the cast of Happy Days, juggling her acting and music career with a turbulent personal life and constant touring around the world. Through it all, she never lost her passion to perform or her sense of adventure.

Suzi Quatro remembers it all in this brilliantly personal and funny book, a thrilling account of a life lived going hell for leather.

Celebrating over  55 years in rock and roll

Alison Meridith Heart is a different kind of female: not masculine, not feminine, but somewhere right in between, a 'one off'. She thinks like a man but has the emotions of a woman - a deadly combination. Long brown hair, hazel eyes, lanky, t-shirted, blue jeaned, cowboy booted, and a guitar player in a band of guys who call themselves The Rough Edges - a band she would quickly surpass in talent. Alison takes us through her life from Cleveland, to New York, to London, to Miami, from marriage to affair, from great happiness to great tragedy. It is a journey through the music business, and a journey through her heart - too much heart if the truth be known. Follow her through the emotional upheaval her life represents. She is a stranger in her own body, who unwittingly discovers 'why' she has always felt this way. The Hurricane blows in...'and nothing will ever be the same again'.

In this, the second volume of poetry and reminiscences, rock icon Suzi Quatro bares her soul through her poetry and adding many personal stories and images to make this book a very up close and personal look into her art and her life. Suzi Quatro is recognised as the first in a long line of female rock stars to be inspired by her. Here in her own words:

"A little story that seems appropriate to share with you along with the publication of my second offering of poems:

My documentary, SUZI Q, was released worldwide at the end of 2019, and was a big success. I insisted on it being the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God! And, even though I had scissors, because after all, it is my life, I stopped myself cutting out what I lovingly refer to as 'cringe' moments. And thank goodness, because they are the best bits in the film.

There is no denying that the last couple of years have been tough for all of us. Life has changed drastically due to the Covid 19 pandemic, and this includes rock icons. Suzi Quatro has never had a regular job. Being a rock and roll musician is what she has been doing her whole life. Then suddenly, everything changed, and instead of constantly being on tour, she found herself at home. Suzi is never one to sit around idling her time and the pandemic produced an album that has done very well indeed. It has also produced her third hardcover coffee table book, sharing her thoughts as the days and the weeks passed. Full to the brim with private photographs in colour, Suzi lets us in to her life in this window of time when the world changed. Her thoughts about the state of life as she sees it is meant as an inspiration to us all.

"The third in my series of illustrated coffee table books, 1 year in lockdown,1 year on this roller coaster called life, 1 year where you can go through every single emotion you have in 5 minutes. Sometimes you smile, sometimes you cry, many times you just hit the wall. I faithfully did my instagram posts every morning sharing my feelings and tribulations, trying to lift people's spirits. It helps to share. It helps to know you're not alone. Enjoy my moods! ( I blame being a Gemini!!) 

I turned 70 on June 3rd, 2020, and my bucket list looms large. Doing a lyric book was always on that list so, here it is. Through my Words, is an illustrated informative diary of my life, told through the lyrics of my songs. Creation has always been my salvation. Enjoy! -Suzi Quatro here.

Suzi is an International Author, an Autobiography, a trio of coffee table books, on poetry with thoughts on life and her best selling novel

" The Hurricane"  

Through my eyes is Suzi Quatro's first collection of poetry. It is a collection that is candid, thought provoking, revealing and sometimes shocking. If you thought being an international rock star was all glamour and good times, Through My Eyes will take you on a rock ’n’ roll rollercoaster of a journey through life bedevilled by men who were often unsuitable…… not that Suzi was going to take any of that lying down.

The poems reveal some of Suzi’s deepest and most intimate feelings. They are predominantly about love, from the optimism and exuberance of a young singer about launch her solo career, to the acrimony and disillusionment relating to various relationships – real, imaginary or longed for – that punctuated her subsequent life.

Suzi has included notes that reveal where she was and what she was doing at the time she was writing. Taking things on a stage from her autobiography Unzipped, this is rhyme …. With a reason!


All of Suzi's books are available for Purchase in all formats via Amazon, Waterstones and Suzi's own Merch Site